Favourite Sandwich Filling: UK Poll

Here at BSA HQ we are undertaking our own research to find the UK's favourite sandwich fillings. As well as looking at each individual filling and ating it in terms of popularity we are also looking at some of the quirkier sandwich fillings we favour.

Do you work in the Sandwich and Food to Go Industry?

We are looking at the sandwich and food to go industry and would like to hear from you if you work in the industry and have a passion for sarnies?

URBAN eat’s got Lunch Fixed!

The UK’s leading sandwich brand URBAN eat is celebrating British Sandwich Week (10th-16th May) by sending out its squad of ‘Lunch Fixers’ to brighten up lunch hours for office workers across the country.

The brand is inviting people to nominate friends or colleagues whose lunchtime routine may have got a little predictable to have their ‘lunch fixed’ and they are promising that the experience will be anything but dull.

URBAN eat’s Head of Marketing John Want explains: “I think everyone knows that person who has the same lunch day in day out and we want to use British Sandwich Week as an opportunity to have a little bit of fun and show them just what they are missing.

“People will be able to make nominations through our website and then the team here will have the dubious honour of choosing the most deserving or desperate cases and organising for the ‘Lunch Fixers’ to pay them a visit.  It is really all about banishing the boring and livening up their lunch hour.

“What’s more, our ‘Lunch Fixers’ promise to turn up at every winning location with plenty of tasty URBAN eat goodies to share around - proving once and for all there really is such a thing as a free lunch.”

To be in with a chance of ‘fixing lunch’ for a friend or colleague simply go to www.urbaneat.co.uk/lunchfixers - nominations will be open from to 11th May until 5th June, 2015.

British Sandwich Week 2019

British Sandwich Week is a week-long celebration of the greatest food to go and quite possibly the most iconic British culinary invention, the Sandwich.

10 reasons why we love sarnies

British Sandwich Week is coming (19-25 May) and we in the UK absolutely love sarnies. We spent £7.85bn on them this year and www.lovesarnies.com has compiled the 10 biggest reasons why we all love the ultimate food to go – the sandwich.

  1. Convenience – It is the easiest thing in the world to buy for lunch. Independent shops, cafés, and supermarkets – everyone sells sandwiches.
  2. Content – Whatever you want to eat, whatever style of cuisine, flavours, meat/veggie, and diary/vegan – you name it there’s a sandwich to suit.
  3. Portion size – the classic wedge shaped sandwich pack is ideal for a busy lunch, a sub or baguette great for larger appetites – there’s always one to suit you.
  4. Fibre – Bread has fibre, vegetables, too and it all helps our digestive health. Better digestion means better absorption of all the other nutrients, too.
  5. Nutrients – while we’re on the topic, are packed in with salad ingredients etc. Be honest, you’d leave a side salad but we tend to eat it inside a sandwich!
  6. Weelbeing – whatever your nutritional goals there’s a sandwich to suit you. Supermarkets alone sell over 150 different ones – plus seasonal specials and then there’s the independent sandwich shops where you build your own.
  7. Price – the average UK sandwich costs just £2.14 – just great value.
  8. Cake – yes, why not? 1 in 4 of us bought a cake or pastry with our sandwiches last year. See point 3!
  9. Bread – It’s the new coffee - everyone now has their favourite. Focaccia, baguette, barm, cob, panini, wrap, pitta or a good old doorstep!
  10.  It’s a great British invention – yes, last but by no means least we love sarnies because it’s our gift to global cuisine. And it’s woven into our culinary DNA!