Sticky Plum & Ginger Duck Wrap

Sticky plum & ginger shredded duck wrap with Oriental 'slaw, fresh coriander and baby leaves.

Created by

Bruce McKenzie of Tartan Rocket, Glasgow


  • 70g - Sam Browne Foods Shredded Roast Duck Leg
  • 30g - Plum Ginger Reduction
  • 5g - Fresh Coriander
  • 50g - Slaw Mix
  • 10g - Julienne Sugar Snap Peas
  • 3g - Fresh Chili
  • 25g - Slaw Dressing
  • 60g - Tortilla Wrap
  • 5g - Toasted Sesame Seed

Method or Assembly Order

  1. Marinade Sam Browne Foods Duck in the plum and ginger reduction
  2. Spread wrap with sticky sauce
  3. Dress duck in marinade, add fresh coriander
  4. Add dressed 'slaw to wrap
  5. Top 'slaw with duck & toasted sesame
  6. Add baby leaves
  7. Roll
  8. Cut
  9. Package or plate up

Sandwich Designer of the Year 2015 

This sandwich won Bruce the Sam Browne Foods Shredded Roast Duck Leg category at the Scotland Heat.