British Sandwich Week

British Sandwich Week kicks off this year with a Good for Everyone charity initiative for multiple and independent retailers during the week of 11- 17 May. 

 The aim is for retailers to donate a portion of the price of a sandwich or range of products sold during the week to charity under the theme ‘Good for Everyone’. 

Here at Sandwich Central, we try to support retailers and act as the hub for the industry but that doesn’t mean we can force people into things. Many retailers have their own charity links so which charity to support and what exactly retailers do to support their chosen charity is optional. But we’re keen that the industry should collectively make British Sandwich Week a success by raising money to support good causes.   

Some retailers are already committed to offering 5p from sales of some sandwiches in their ranges to their nominated charity, while others will simply aim to get customers to give their change to charity.  

The BSA has also contacted charities directly to ask them to urge retailers to get involved. So far Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Macmillan are on board and urging their contacts in the sandwich industry to sign up. 

You can help out too. What is your favourite sandwich retailer doing? Ask in store for information on what’s happening. Perhaps suggest your favourite charity. With your help, we at the BSA and Charities combined will surely make British Sandwich Week ‘Good for Everyone!’ 

macmillanMacMillanCancer Support

Cancer is the toughest fight most of us will ever face. And the feelings of loneliness and isolation that so many people experience make it even harder. MacMillan aims to provide the support to help people through this. 

The British Sandwich Association is raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support directly by running a raffle at the British Sandwich Industry Awards on may 15 - during British Sandwich Week.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

breat cancer breakthroughEvery year, almost 50,000 women in the UK receive the devastating news that they have breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK; one in eight women will face it. Half a million people are living with it. And yet, despite significant advances in treatment and care, we still can’t stop breast cancer taking the women we love. This month alone, 1,000 women will lose their lives to breast cancer – and more women are being diagnosed every day. 

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is determined to stop breast cancer taking the women we love. Our cutting-edge research is focussed entirely on breast cancer. We’re discovering how to prevent it, how to detect it earlier and how to treat it more effectively. We’re taking on breast cancer at every stage and for every woman, learning how to control and outwit the disease so that one day, we can stop it taking lives.

If we don’t act now, today, more and more families will face a future without the women they love. Please – for the women you love, join us.






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