10 Great things about a breakfast sandwich

A breakfast sandwich is a great way to start the day with whole-grains, proteins and, on a cold winter’s morning, it can be something warm, too. The British Sandwich Association (BSA) has ten great things about starting your day the sandwich way.

British Sandwich Association Director, Jim Winship, said: “Getting off to the right start is crucial for the success of anything. Whether it’s a New Year, new week or just a new day. Having a sandwich for breakfast gives such a boost to everything you want to achieve.”  

Top ten benefits of a sandwich for breakfast:

  1. Whole Grains - With all the over-indulgence of late, a great way to start the New Year detox is with fibre. Bread is a top source of fibre, a great way to cleanse the digestive system, which leads to better nutrient absorption and overall better digestive health.   
  2. Protein/Carbohydrate Blend - We’ve heard all about the importance of a balanced diet and a sandwich delivers. Choose the right fillings for your needs and go. Simple as that! Protein punch? Go to work on an egg. Low GI? Use wholemeal bread.
  3. Save Time - We all have busy schedules and adding in our New Year’s resolutions whether it’s going to the gym, walking to work or anything else, a sandwich on the go is a convenient and time-saving way to start the day.
  4. Portion Control - A sandwich is the ultimate food to go as it delivers everything you need and in a great fixed portion size. Eating a set amount and stopping is a great trigger for those “full up” hormones to be released until your next meal. 
  5. Fruit and Veg - Nutritionists in hospitals often have a sandwich as part of the day’s food for patients because they know it all gets eaten. Salads on a plate are often left aside but in a sandwich? It’s all part of it.
  6. Hot Start - In the first few months of the year we get soaked, wind-swept and frozen. Sometimes all at once. What everybody’s metabolism really needs is warmth. A hot sandwich, be it toasted bread or hot filling, is a great addition to breakfast.
  7. Energise! - Scientists have shown that eating a breakfast that's high in fibre and carbohydrates could help you feel less tired throughout the day, as published inthe International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. Bread delivers both - another reason for eating a breakfast sandwich.
  8. Lower Cholesterol - A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that breakfast-skippers are more likely to have worse cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity than breakfast-eaters. The study also showed that the breakfast-eaters consume about 100 fewer calories a day, compared with people who skip their morning meal, CBS News reported.
  9. Weigh less - We’ve seen and heard it time and again. People who dodge breakfast not only eat more for the rest of the day but countless studies show they are more likely to be overweight, too.
  10. They Just Taste Great - Why do New Year resolutions fail? If we’re honest it’s because we just don’t like them. If you want to eat more healthily start your day with something that you like eating. Adjust gradually. A sandwich is infinitely customisable, enabling you to make the adjustments that are right for your goals.

Happy New Year to all sandwich lovers.