10 reasons why we love sarnies

British Sandwich Week is coming (19-25 May) and we in the UK absolutely love sarnies. We spent £7.85bn on them this year and has compiled the 10 biggest reasons why we all love the ultimate food to go – the sandwich.

  1. Convenience – It is the easiest thing in the world to buy for lunch. Independent shops, cafés, and supermarkets – everyone sells sandwiches.
  2. Content – Whatever you want to eat, whatever style of cuisine, flavours, meat/veggie, and diary/vegan – you name it there’s a sandwich to suit.
  3. Portion size – the classic wedge shaped sandwich pack is ideal for a busy lunch, a sub or baguette great for larger appetites – there’s always one to suit you.
  4. Fibre – Bread has fibre, vegetables, too and it all helps our digestive health. Better digestion means better absorption of all the other nutrients, too.
  5. Nutrients – while we’re on the topic, are packed in with salad ingredients etc. Be honest, you’d leave a side salad but we tend to eat it inside a sandwich!
  6. Weelbeing – whatever your nutritional goals there’s a sandwich to suit you. Supermarkets alone sell over 150 different ones – plus seasonal specials and then there’s the independent sandwich shops where you build your own.
  7. Price – the average UK sandwich costs just £2.14 – just great value.
  8. Cake – yes, why not? 1 in 4 of us bought a cake or pastry with our sandwiches last year. See point 3!
  9. Bread – It’s the new coffee - everyone now has their favourite. Focaccia, baguette, barm, cob, panini, wrap, pitta or a good old doorstep!
  10.  It’s a great British invention – yes, last but by no means least we love sarnies because it’s our gift to global cuisine. And it’s woven into our culinary DNA!