Let's celebrate this great occasion! Roll out the barrel...

To be clear – if you missed this, don’t worry. It’s our American cousins doing their own thing in the land of the free – this time referring to a second sandwich. Subway in the USA had a one-day special to BOGOF sandwiches. They encouraged people to give away the second one and Twitter went into meltdown! People were so engaged with this campaign. Messages of love, generosity, friendship and good-will abounded.

CNN covered the occasion and asked So What Makes a Sandwich Anyway – due to the time-lag, our exchange of Tweets didn’t make it into this article. They also included research into America’s favourite sandwich. The winner: turkey, followed by ham and chicken. More exotic sandwiches, such as Reubens or paninis, were further down the list.

Closer to home, the Telegraph featured Ben Sibbald’s winning entry to the 2015 Sandwich Designer of the Year competition in their review of the very best sandwich recipes. 

Meanwhile in Ireland, golfer and all-round favourite Irishman, Rory McIlroy could be side-lined from play as a result of a dodgy Club Sandwich. The star joked on Twitter “Who would have thought the Eel would be the safer bet?”

And finally a warning that sandwiches can land you in trouble. That is if you try to smuggle them in to Wormwood Scrubs with drugs, mobile phones and a knife. Karl Jensen and Lisa Mary Hutchinson were recently jailed for doing just that.