Breakfast is one of the most important meals and there’s nothing quite like a Great British Breakfast Sandwich to kick-start the day.


After fasting overnight, our bodies need nourishment to get us ready for the day ahead – and what better than an energy boosting and delicious bacon butty, accompanied by a steaming cup of Breakfast tea or coffee, to get us going?

Many of the key nutrients we need to boost our energy levels at the start of the day are to be found in this much-loved favourite, including Vitamin B, iron and fibre.

Such is the popularity of the Bacon Butty that in a poll of 60,000 Britons, carried out in 2012, it topped the bill ahead of Fish & Chips, James Bond and The Queen.  Bacon also regularly comes out as the most popular filling in a sandwich in consumer surveys carried out by the industry.

This firm favourite is, of course, just one example of why sandwiches continue to dominate the UK landscape.   Before lockdown we spent over £8 billion buying commercially made sandwiches every year and researchers suggest that this represents less than half the total number we consume annually, the balance being made casually in our homes.

Hence, it is safe to say that the Great British Sandwich is very much an institution and remains so despite the increasing array of alternative options available to us.

Indeed, when the 4th Earl of Sandwich called for some cuts of beef between slices of toasted bread in 1762, he could hardly have imagined that his creation would become such a firm favourite two and a half centuries later.    But it is understandable that this has happened as, like the Earl who wanted to carry on playing cards while eating, we increasingly expect foods to be convenient and fit our lifestyles.

Whether it is grabbing something to eat on the way to work or indulging in a plated open sandwich in a cafe, sandwiches ideally fit the bill.   Not only are they portable and easy to eat on the hoof, they also offer a nutritiously balanced meal wrapped up in a convenient format that is easy to handle.    And they also offer infinite variety with so many different options available, from breads to fillings.  

For instance, if you don’t fancy bacon why not try a sausage sarnie – you can even add an egg for the full works.  

The options are endless – including vegan variants of the bacon and sausage.

And to top it all – sandwiches are a uniquely British invention.